Bounty “The Quicker Picker Upper”

A few years ago I realized that my purpose was to be like Bounty “The quicker picker upper”.  I’ve always been an optimist and have always wanted to influence the people around me.  It is my hearts desire to encourage people to find a positive in all they go through. I love to make people laugh and forget their sorrows even for a minute.  I love when I can get them to smile despite their circumstances.  I know it’s not easy, but even if it’s the smallest thing, I encourage them to hang on to that.  My sister has told me in the past that I always have to see something positive in all situations and she’s right; why dwell on the negative?  If life throws you lemons, make lemonade.  I don’t like feeling miserable, sad or depressed.  I’ve been through too much to walk around defeated.  I have faith in God and know that things can turn around in a heart beat, so I prefer to hold on to that hope. 

When it was suggested to me to get my story out and share it on my blog, web page, etc;  I never thought I’d get the response I’m getting.  I’ve had woman write me comments and share how my story has encouraged them, others have opened up to share their amazing stories; for that I’m very grateful and happy I am able to make a difference in some shape or form.  I believe you can’t let your trials be in vain; someone will surely benefit from what you have endured and your process. 

Big and Elegant is a platform for me to do just that, share my story.  I’ve been through a lot, but the key is “I’ve been through”.  I didn’t remain or stay in a particular state, I moved forward.  I love the opportunity to touch the lives of some of the woman that I come in contact with; it’s very gratifying and it encourages me to continue on my journey as difficult as it may seem at times.  Just this past Saturday I had the pleasure of helping a woman that came to the store.  Did I sell her shoes? No, but I gave her information that was very valuable to her and I started to build relationship with her.  Later that day, another woman called upset because she wanted to wear new career shoes to her new job on Monday and couldn’t find her size anywhere.  It was about time to close and she was 40 minutes away and wanted to know if I could wait for her; of course I did and the result was a great sale and once again I had the chance to build relationship with this great woman.  Both experiences made me realize why I do what I do and that it’s not always about the shoes, it’s about building relationship with the assurance that sales will follow.

I hope you have a great week and make it your purpose this week to bless someone, be it with a smile, a kind gesture, a hug or a word of encouragement; you never how it can impact the life of the person on the receiving end.

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  1. Definitely words to live by! Very encouraging!

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  • "I decided to open a shoe store for women with big and/or wide feet where they could shop with pleasure, would not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and walk out with their head held high."