Take a Time Out

What a great day to chose to be better and do better than we have before. 

With all the chaos and negativity going around we fall into a trap and get overwhelmed.  We lose sight of our priorities.  We allow fear or anxiety to creep in.  We let our lives get so wired up and entangled in the day to day that we don’t take a time out.  Many times our bodies are crying out to us to pause, but we don’t listen and the consequences can be devastating.  Before we realize it we are burnt out.

It’s important to assess our lives and acknowledge when it’s time to have that alone time.  A time to think and ponder on what we’ve achieved, what is still pending and where we’re going;  the obstacles we’ve overcome and refine our existing goals or set new ones.  A time out does not require an extravagant vacation or money for that matter; you can plan one right in your own backyard or do as I do, in the solitude of my bedroom.   All it takes is a quiet area, with no interruptions, perhaps you’re like me and like to hear soft music to help soothe and calm you.  I take along a journal to write down the thoughts that come to mind.  I can’t tell you how helpful these time outs have been for me.  They help me get things back into perspective and help me stay focused and put a side all distractions that impede me from achieving my goals.

On this precious day, I encourage you to schedule in a time out in the near future; you won’t regret it.  It’ll probably be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Smile and enjoy the journey.

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  • "I decided to open a shoe store for women with big and/or wide feet where they could shop with pleasure, would not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and walk out with their head held high."