Forgiveness Is Your Key to Freedom


wb051443Happy Monday to all!  I’d love to start this week with a request, let’s walk in forgiveness and release all of those that have done us wrong at some point in time in our lives. I dare you to do so and see how awesome it feels to be free from that extra baggage, it’s the key to your freedom.

I’d like to share a story with you; last week while at the airport I had the opportunity to meet a beautiful young lady who was waiting for her children to come back from their vacation.   She was so overwhelmed with sadness that I couldn’t just walk away from her, so I engaged her in conversation.  For some reason she opened up to me and gave me a glimpse of what her life had been.  She had gone through a lot; the events had marked her life and she was carrying all this extra baggage as a result of the pain and the unforgiveness she was harboring within despite the fact that all this had happened over 7 years ago.  It was tormenting her and holding her back even though she didn’t realize it.  Here you have a beautiful woman that has a bright future ahead of her and even though she managed to get away from the person who hurt her and years had passed, she was still a slave to the memories. Yes it was a sad story and I could feel her pain, but you know all I could tell her was to let go of the past and learn to forgive and release the person that hurt her and caused her so much pain.  He will never be able to pay her back and restore her to who she was prior to being hurt.  As long as she is holding on to these feelings (hate, anger, resentment, hurt, etc) she’s still his victim and that had to change.  Enough is enough. 

As long as you hold on to unforgiveness you make yourself miserable and you make others pay a debt they do not owe.  You carry these feelings and behaviors into other relationships then wonder why they don’t work.  Unforgiveness brings sickness, disease and depression among other ailments.  There’s got to come a point in time when we decide to stop being victims and move into being victors. The past is done, we can’t do anything to change it, but we can do something about our future. You don’t have to stay in the past.  Those wounds will heal in time if we stop removing the scab.  Choosing to forgive is a big decision and a tough one but the pay off is even bigger.  I shared with her an analogy that I hope you can appreciate as well.  When I was a child I fell on a bottle and cut my knee real badly during a 4th of July celebration, I think I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time.  There was blood all over and it looked ugly; I was taken to the ER and got stitches.  Out of that experience I got a scar.  Well I can tell you what happened because I remember it all and I can touch the scar because it’s there on my knee, but it doesn’t hurt.  My point is that when you are able to talk about an event in your life and not feel the pain associated with such event then you will know that the wound has healed. 

 I’ve never been one to hold grudges.  I learned to walk in forgiveness from the time I was a child.  I was physically abused as a child by my step father and it was not until I had a close call that landed me in the hospital that he realized the hurt he was causing me.  At that time he apologized while kneeling by my bedside and I can sincerely say that I forgave him.  I even felt sorry for him and learned to see him as a sick person that needed help.  Thankfully the abuse stopped and we were able to move on with our lives and have a good relationship.  Looking back I thank God for allowing me to be this way had I held on to unforgiveness my life would’ve turned out to be much different.  I chose to forgive and encourage you to do the same and live a life free of unforgiveness, hate, anger, resentment and any other negative feeling that will hold you back from being all you can be.  If necessary seek professional or spiritual help, but do something.  Dare to be free and to walk in peace, joy and love, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I want to thank you for the beautiful blog post about forgiveness and for your truly inspirational story. Because my work is about the power of forgiveness I’m alerted through google when something comes up. Today I had the time to follow up and I’m so glad I did. Blessings on your continued success.


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