Living Clutter Free

How do you know what you need in the midst of all the clutter?

 About 5 years ago I realized how much clutter I had around me.  I went on a journey to de-clutter my life.  I started with the food containers, I took them all out then whatever didn’t have a cover or was not in good condition I disposed of.  From there I went to the pantry and found some can goods; that sad to say had expired along with some condiments and spices which had to be thrown out as well.  Next were my drawers, then the closet.  I took out whatever I hadn’t used in the last year and created the donation pile, the trash can pile and the back to the closet pile.  From there I went to the linen closet and then the storage room.  I tackled my son’s room as a separate project.  I even went through my car to make sure there wasn’t any clutter there.  It took a while to get it all done, but it was worth it.  Once all the clutter was gone I felt such a sense of relief and accomplishment.  Little did I know that shortly after I’d be packing my things up to move to a property of our own.  I believe that having rid my home of clutter not only made me feel better but allowed the packing and move to run smoother. Had I not done it, I’d be hauling that clutter to another home and accumulating more stuff (picture Sanford and Sons home).

 Clutter can be asphyxiating and overwhelming.  I needed to clear my life of all that was not being used or unnecessary to make room for what I really needed. You have to make sure that you have things and that they don’t have you and this process allowed me to get in check with this truth.  Accumulating things just for the sake of having them was a bad habit hard to break but I believe I’m over it.  Staying clutter free is my mission and I work at it constantly. 

 Below are 7 Timely Tips to Organize Clutter for Busy Women written by Marilyn Bohn:

 1. Take stock of what clothes you own. Take everything out of your closets and drawers. Anything that doesn’t fit or that you never wear or you don’t feel fabulous wearing donate so you only keep what you wear. Your drawers and closets will be free of clutter so you can see what you have and what you need to purchase.  When buying shoes, belts, purses or other accessories purchase pieces that will go with a number of outfits rather than with just one outfit. Organize clothes either by hanging complete outfits together or by type such as pants, skirts, dresses, and blouses together etc.

2.  To save time and organize clutter keep make-up and facial products in separate containers. You can use attractive matching containers or containers you have around your home such as mugs, or shallow baskets etc.  Take a look at all of your cosmetics and only keep what you use. It is a waste of time to have to search through products you don’t use to find the ones you do use. Bacteria can grow on old cosmetics so toss them and don’t feel bad that you spent money on something you aren’t using. You used it at one time and now you can let it go.

3. In the kitchen have zones for everything to make food preparation faster and easier. Organize so you don’t have to search for cooking tools. This also makes it easier to put things away, saving you time. Have a baking area, a place for spices, an area for food stuffs like canned goods and a place for treats to be stored. Keep paper products together.

4. If you pack lunches, rather than doing the same thing over every morning prepare items in advance. For instance, if you pack crackers or cookies buy a large package and transfer serving sizes all at one time to small baggies. This will save a lot of time. Put these in a plastic bin or basket that can be simply pulled out in the morning and items selected. The same thing can be done for items that need to be refrigerated such as grapes, baby carrots, and fruit.

5. Dealing with mail can take up grundles of time. Have a landing place for mail and deal with it every day. Wait until there is a time you can concentrate on sorting it, don’t try to do it while someone is sharing their day with you or while you are on the phone.

6. Organize and simplify your banking routine. Take advantage of direct deposit. Opt for electronic bank statements to cut down on the amount of paper you have to sort through and file.

7. Plan what outfit you plan on wearing the night before including laying out what your children will wear. This will help with the morning rush and will save you time and eliminate frustration.

 You can read the article in its entirety by going to Marilyn is a professional organizer and invites you to visit her website

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