Never take anything for granted…

Amy at store November 20091

From cast to boot...

As many of you know I recently suffered a foot injury which had me on bed rest for about 7 weeks.  I broke 2 of the bones on the vamp of my foot (metatarsus bones), the 4th and 5th one to be exact.  It’s not till you find yourself without the ability to do what you normally do that you realize how blessed you are.  Needless to say that not being able to walk freely, bath without having to balance your self on one foot, go up and down stairs, being able to drive or workout, reminded me that I can never take anything I do for granted.

 I remember when I regained my eyesight after being declared legally blind due to Chrones Disease, I cried when I was finally able to see my 6 year old son’s face again.  I’d look up to the sky just to take in its beautiful clouds.  I vowed I’d never take my sight for granted ever again.  Or when the Chrone’s was finally in remission and I was able to get back into a normal routine, the first thing I did was clean my bathroom.  That was the place I spent most of my time in when I was sick and being able to clean it and smell the fresh scent made me very happy.  You see while I was sick I was not able to do anything other then lye on the bed and go from the bed to the bathroom.  I truly learned to be joyful even when I clean my house because I remember when I couldn’t.

 My life has had some rough turns and some great obstacles, but I can sincerely say “I’m still standing”.  What didn’t break me, made me stronger.  It’s in times of trials and adversities that relationships are put to the tests and thankfully I’m surrounded by a great group of people without whom it would’ve been even harder to survive. These have certainly proven to be the worse of times and yet the best of times.  I had a chance to relax, catch up on some reading, meditate and even figure out what my passion and purpose is.  I know I’m not at 100% yet, but I’m on my way and that’s what matters.

 It’s not till we lose something that we realize how important, useful or valuable it is to us. 

What about you, have you ever lost something only to learn to appreciate it when you regained it?

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  • "I decided to open a shoe store for women with big and/or wide feet where they could shop with pleasure, would not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and walk out with their head held high."