We are blessed to be a blessing!

We may not have all we want but when we take a look of what others are enduring we realize we have more than enough.  I was hearing a radio talk host today talk about the donations that some affluent people are making to the relief efforts in Haiti.  He said that though he was empathetic towards the situation in Haiti he felt the money should go towards fixing the problems we have here in the US.  It truly saddened me to think that someone could say they are empathetic and yet not want to help.  I realize we have a big mess on our hands when it comes to our economy, however, I believe our Haitian brothers and sisters are suffering much more now and we can make a difference in their lives.  If we were the ones enduring such distress, would we like to hear that other countries won’t help us because they have to fix their mess first, I don’t think so.

We cannot let opportunities like this pass us by.  It’s an opportunity to sow a seed in someone else’s life.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  We may not all be in a position to give money, but I’m sure there’s something we all can do; whether it be donating canned goods, clothing or even your time to the charities that will need help to box and ship the goods. 

I urge you to take some time to count your blessings and then find a way to help those less fortunate.  I assure you when you give out of a heart of love and compassion, it will come back to you in blessings.

Amy “Your Shoe Lady”

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  • "I decided to open a shoe store for women with big and/or wide feet where they could shop with pleasure, would not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and walk out with their head held high."