I just thought I’d share some of the things going on with Big and Elegant…

A while back we had an interview with Lisette Campos from ABC Action News and her community segment where I represented the Hispanic business owners that have benefited from the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund (HBIF).  If you didn’t catch the interview, feel free to check it out on and look for the HBIF segment.

Last week Cloe Cabrera from the Tampa Trib did an interview at Big and Elegant regarding the difficulty women with larger shoe sizes have finding shoes.  The link to that segment is  The print portion of that interview will run this Saturday 9/18/2010 in the Tampa Trib.

I’m excited with all this exposure; it’s time all my wonderful women know that we are here and ready to serve there needs for wide shoes. 

As I’ve told many others, I will continue to fight for my dream and do all I can to continue to serve my customers and provide options for them.  I know the store schedule may not be convenient for all of you, but keep in mind we do offer private viewings by appointment only so if the Saturday 10 – 4 pm doesn’t work for you, give me a call and we can set something up.

Till next time, I wish you the best and hope you can come by and visit Big and Elegant where Fashion and Comfort come together at Affordable Pricing.


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  • "I decided to open a shoe store for women with big and/or wide feet where they could shop with pleasure, would not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and walk out with their head held high."